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We believe in Live Local Radio. The CJCY Radio News Team is the largest in Medicine Hat presenting newscasts on the hour all day.  We play music from the 60's through the 90's while still playing a few of the great songs from just earlier and later that we feel are "Classics”. Veteran broadcaster John Carter and newshound Steve Krysak kick things off with CJCY Mornings, beginning at 6am They start your day with all the information you need to plan your day plus tons of fun, games and giveaways, including "The Secret Sound" at 7:40am where you have the chance to win cash! At 10, Erin Lucas keeps you company while you work, including bringing you 9 in a Row to start every hour, the John Tesh Intelligence for Your Life Minute at 11:40am, and The Doctors Orders at 1:40pm!  At 2pm, it's Logan Piekema to help you get home safely every weekday! John Tesh takes over at 7pm with "Intelligence For Your Life" and some more fantastic music to get you through the night!

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CJCY Audience Profile

2/3 (66%) of Classic Hits listeners on the Prairies are in the Adult 25-54 demographic.

Classic Hits station tuning on the Prairies are fairly evenly split between men and women (51% Female-49% Male).

Almost 40%  of Classic Hits listeners earn a household income of $100,000 or more.

Almost 3/4 (72%) of Classic Hits listeners on the Prairies are married or living common law.  Over 40% have children in the household.

Classic Hits listeners on the Prairies are more likely than the average radio listener to have completed a college or technical education (index: 123).  These listeners are also more likely to be employed as Managers, Executives or Professionals.

Over 3/4 (77%) of Classic Hits listeners in the Prairies own their own homes.

Over 40% of Classic Hits listeners on the Prairies are Heavy radio users. Indexing at 126!

Where They Shop and What They Buy

Retail Spending Past Year $500+: Bath & Bedding Index 118, Jewellery Index 123, Sporting Goods Index 113, Womens Clothing Index 112.

Stores Shopped Past 12 Months: Carpet/Flooring, Garden/Crafts, Home Decor, Office Supplies, Pet Stores.

Intend To Purchase Next 12 Months: Major Appliance (eg. fridge,stove) Index 115, Garden Patio Furniture Index 122, Home Exercise Equipment Index 115, Furniture Index 112.

Spending Past 24 Months: Home Renovations $20,000+ Index 119.

Investments: Use Financial Planner, Have Mutual Funds, RRSPs, GICs/Term Deposits.

Vacations Past 3 Years: Alaska Index 175, Jamaica Index 132, Las Vegas Index 116

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* Source: BBM-RTS Spring 2011 P12+ Who Tune Classic Hits Radio in the Prairies

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