Radio Marketing and Advertising FAQs

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1. Should I advertise?
2. Is radio right for me?
Radio can:
  • Expand your market reach
  • Target your best prospects
  • Generate sufficient message frequency
  • Reach mobile consumers
  • Motivate people to shop
  • Establish a relationship with customers
  • Break through competitive clutter
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Maximize advertising investment
3. How do I get started?
4. How much does advertising cost?
5. What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?
  1. Quitting before the advertising can work. Advertising is like trying to get in shape. The beginning is the hardest part and the benefits truly begin when you think you've given your all. In order to get your desired body shape when working out, you must earn it by sticking to your plan. Successful advertising is no different.

  2. Not filling up one cup before moving to the next. Many business owners think they need to do a little of everything instead of doing one thing well. It's been said, "I throw my advertising dollars against the wall and hope some of it sticks." Almost any business can get all the customers they need by simply attacking and owning a radio stations' audience.

6. I want to build my business, what do you suggest?

7. What's the best way to advertise?

8. How long does it take for advertising to begin working?
9. What is Branding?
10. Who makes my commercial?

We can produce your commercial, or we can suggest an outside production house. Standard Production is free for all our advertisers. Our goal is to always create top quality advertising that gets results for our clients. How?

  • By Listening to the client to find out what their true needs and goals are.
  • Spending the time required to develop the right message to serve the client's needs.
  • Crafting creative ads that will make an impression in the mind of the listener. Employing the highest quality voice talent and producers to turn words on paper into magic!

Our company is very aware that better tools make a better product. Clear Sky Radio is outfitted with state-of-the-art production facilities that rival most major market radio stations or agencies. Is this overkill? We don't think so. Our clients deserve the best that we can give them, and it shows in our product.

11. What should I say in my commercial?
12. How much is commercial production?
13. How can I guarantee success?
15. I'm a retailer, what's best for me?
16. I'm NOT a retailer, what's best for me?
17. I'm having an event, how should I advertise?
18.What about television advertising?

We've used it, but getting a good commercial that doesn't look cheap may run thousands of dollars, and buying prime time can cost hundreds of dollars for just thirty-seconds. Effective television advertising can get costly.

Imagery Transfer: If you have been running on television, use the audio from your TV ad or let us develop a similar copy, and benefit from "imagery transfer." Seventy-two percent of consumers will visually see your TV ad while hearing your radio ad at a fraction of the cost.

19. What about newspaper advertising?
20. What about yellow pages?
21. What about internet advertising?
22. What about billboards?

They're a great way to say, "turn here," or "next exit." However, telling the story of your business's benefits in just a few words and a picture is difficult.

A high-profile billboard can add a splash if you have the budget and are already effectively TELLING your story on radio or television.

23. What about other radio stations?
24. Should I hire an advertising agency?
25. Should I have a jingle?
26. What's a positioning statement?
27. What is image advertising?
28. How does a buying cycle affect my business?
29. Should I do an on-location broadcast?
31. What is RTS research?
32. What is reach and frequency?
35. What's a "Custom Marketing Plan?"
36. What are your payment terms/credit policies?
37. Do I have to sign a contract?
40. What is co-op advertising?
41. I don't have a large budget, what do you suggest?
42. What is drive time?
43. Should I advertise during nights and weekends?
45. What is a "Unique Selling proposition"?

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