Classic Cruiser 7

Classic Hits 102.1 CJCY Presents Classic Cruiser 7
We’ve acquired a real beauty this year, a 1977 CORVETTE!
Get ready for the ride of your life.
Photo Credit: Brad Robertson of Totelescope Photography
Watch for our 1977 Corvette making stops at businesses, summer events, fundraisers, picnics & car shows. When we’re done showin’ it off, we’re giving it away!
Until September 2017 our Classic Cruiser will be on-site at a different sponsor location each week. Listen to 102.1 CJCY or see below to find out where the vehicle is parked. When the Classic Cruiser is at a sponsors location, that is the only place in town where you can enter to win!
At the end of each week, we'll draw 5 names out of the draw barrel. Those 5 people will have qualified to win the Classic Cruiser and they'll attend our giveaway party on September 17th at Rossco's Pubfor their chance to take it home!
What does one of the hottest 1977 Corvette's and you have in common?...Potentially the same address!
Classic Cruiser 7 Contesting Rules
Enter each week at our Sponsor Locations!
April 24 - April 30
David Herman
Kim Jorgensen
Chelsea Penner
Anita Ross
Mac Shaw
2450 South Highway Drive SE (Redcliff)
May 1 - May 7
Taryn Cook
Lorna Hust
Aaron Leidal
Dan Myles
Vic Pouteaux
#107 - 1991 Strachan Road SE
May 8 - May 14
Jaelene Aasman
Brina Corbett
William Davidson
Dick Rosendal
Kim Taylor
May 15 - May 21
Ray Herrell
Darryl Holcroft
Benjamin Parker
Roberta Sommerville
Lynne Thomas
May 22 - May 28
David Curtis
Daryl Hubich
Kim Rickert
Ed Siwy
Cheryl Sorensen
Hat Liquor
102 - 73, 7th Street SE
May 29 - June 4
Mike Ford
D'arci Lawrence
Theresa Mack
Tige Tillery
Graham Wagner 
1100 Redcliff Dr SW
June 5 - June 11
Roland Bourlon
Sue Hehr
Kurtis MacDonald
Tyler Maggrah
Chris Massini
2265 - 10th Avenue SW
June 12 - June 18
Jim Fink
Arnold Frank
Jen Vandebeek
Bruce Werbowetsky
Kathy Zollner
317 Broadway Ave (Redcliff)
June 19 - June 25
Shirley Birtch 
Annette Doble
Rick Koenigbauer
Len Mezei
Don Walker
1701 Broadway Ave NE SS 1
June 26 - July 2
Ray Gabruch
Karen Hamerton
Michelle Schneider
Kallen Sehn
Keith Stennick
#1-1218 2nd Avenue (Dunmore)
July 3 - July 9
Rick Bendza
Phil Edwards
Francine Goodheart
Steve Hallick
Joss Malley 
502 Maple Avenue SE
July 10 - July 16
Carl Augustino
Steve Brier
Dave Maddison
Shelley Olson
Ed Thurlbeck 
3271 Dunmore Rd SE
July 17 - July 23
Sarah Dalla-Longa
Slade Frame
Tracey Hatter
Devon Rattai
John Ring 
1835 Dunmore Road S.E
July 24 - July 30
Joyce Carlson
Jim Ftichar
Wayne Lust
Doug McClain
Jen Wells
July 31 - Aug. 6
Les Costea
Roger Halman
Darwin Lang
Bruce Nygaard
Wade Robertson
City Auto Parts
924 South Railway Street SE
Aug. 7 - Aug. 13
Jim Carr
Marion McRoberts
Darren Mutschler
Tanis Petersen
Shelley Steckmeister
3073 Dunmore Road SE
Aug. 14 - Aug. 20
721 Queen Street SE
Aug. 21 - Aug. 27
514 South Railway Street
Aug. 28 - Sept. 3
1935 - 2nd Ave (Dunmore)
Sept. 4 - Sept. 10
3215 Dunmore Road SE
Final Giveaway Party!
September 17, 2017
3215 Dunmore Road SE

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