Classic Cruiser 8

Classic Hits 102.1 CJCY Presents Classic Cruiser 8!
We’ve acquired a real beauty this year, a 1966 PLYMOUTH FURY III!
Get ready for the ride of your life.
Watch for our 1966 Plymouth Fury III making stops at businesses, summer events, fundraisers, picnics & car shows.
When we’re done showin’ it off, we’re giving it away!
Until August 2018 our Classic Cruiser will be on-site at a different sponsor location each week. Listen to 102.1 CJCY or see below to find out where the vehicle is parked. When the Classic Cruiser is at a sponsors location, that is the only place in town where you can enter to win!
At the end of each week, we'll draw 5 names out of the draw barrel. Those 5 people will have qualified to win the Classic Cruiser and they'll attend our giveaway party for their chance to take it home!
Classic Cruiser 8 Contesting Rules
Enter each week at our sponsor locations!
April 9 - April 15
Rebecca Arndt
Shelley Bernard
Norm Granger
Judy Hagan
Vicki Thome
#9 - 5th Street SE
April 16 - April 22
Sharon Becker
Louise Campbell
Susan Pope
Jerry Sabine
Breanna Thomas
1788 Saamis Drive NW
April 23 - April 29
Gene Diment
Jamin Franz
Ann Hewitt
Donna Massini
Randal Royer
2265 - 10th Avenue SW
April 30 - May 6
Grant Anderst
Colleen Andjelic
Larry Hoeppner
Donna Porter
Tammy Sweeney
721 Queen Street S
May 7 - May 13
Wanda Brown
Brenna Hochstetler
Rob Sturm
Crystal Sylvic
Mike Wilson
May 14 - May 20
Sherry Rath
Megan Robertson
Kevin Romaniuk
Betty Schaufele
Abigail Scott
1224 Kingsway Avenue SE
May 21 - May 27
Julian Davidson
Bill McInnis
Gerry Perchaluk
Tyler Resener
Nicole Wilson
Hat Liquor
102 - 73, 7th Street SE
May 28 - June 3
Raine Darbyshire
Mike Hirsekorn
Wayne Hynes
Trevor Phillips
Carol Thomas
2450 South Highway Drive SE (Redcliff)
June 4 - June 10
Brad Arkell
Nancy Carson
Kayla Curzon
Mike Scharff
Jim VandenBerg
#3 - 116, Broadway Avenue E (Redcliff)
June 11 - June 17
Tim Kristianson
Darren Mutschler
Barb Stratton
Shelley Winterburn
Cory Valentine
317 Broadway Ave (Redcliff)
June 18 - June 24
Cheryl Adamson
Danalisa DeNobrega
Ray Cardinal
Todd Glock
Mike Sych
310 Division Avenue S
June 25 - July 1
Wayne Canning
Annette Doble
Linda Gawron
Jackie Magnusson
Dan Weatherbee
1701 Broadway Ave NE SS 1 (Redcliff)
July 2 - July 8
Dan Beaton
Scott Meyer
Sharon Mills
Helmut Penner
Tammy Vaari
502 Maple Avenue SE
July 9 - July 15
Kevin Bourlon
Sandy Noble
George Shrigley
Frank Sustrate
Myrna Wagner
#1-1218 2nd Avenue (Dunmore)
July 16 - July 22
Kole Kalmring
Darwin Lang
Larry Marshall
Jim Noon
Wes Richmond
1835 Dunmore Road S.E
July 23 - July 29
Dawn Cameron
Ken Finnie
Marcel Folk
Kim Insko
Blake Kelly
July 30 - Aug. 5
Daryl Blahut
Karen Karrigan
Clara Krassman
Don LaFrance
Norm Hammel
515 - 4th Avenue SE
Aug. 6 - Aug. 12
Ernie Tomyn
Lyle Rapin
Terry Mercer
Devin McNaughton
Paul Tunbridge
2301 Trans Canada Way SE
Aug. 13 - Aug. 19
1910 - 11th Avenue NW
Giveaway Party!
Aug. 2018
Location Pending

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