5th Annual Random Acts Of Kindness Day November 3

RAK Day returns for another year of bringing kindness to the area

While the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta celebrates 25 years in the region, their Random Act of Kindness Day is returning for its 5th year.  Lisa Kosolofski says RAK Day has really taken on a life of its own since beginning 5 years ago.  Kosolofski says you don't need to spend money to spread random acts of kindness.  Kosolofski says, "We're really striving to implement those random acts of kindness that don't cost anything.  Holding a door for somebody, smiling at someone, saying hello, asking them how their day is.  That's the step that really connects and creates a more impactful, stronger community."  Kosolofski says this year there won't be any registering of Kindness Krews this year.  They just ask people to let them know about it on one of the RAK Day social media platforms.  Random Act of Kindness Day goes Friday, November 3.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Lisa Kosolofski

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