Barnes Says Merger A Highlight Of 2017

Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes says the Merger of the PC and Wildrose was definitely a big moment in Alberta political history

For Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes one of the biggest stories of the year was the merging of the Wildrose and PC partiy's into the United Conservative Party.  Barnes says it was clear from the decisive vote, Albertan's wanted a united right.  Barnes says, "Albertan's have spoken resoundingly, that they do not like the direction the NDP is going and that they wanted the two party's to get together and unite and present conservative ideas and conservative values."  Barnes adds Jason Kenney being elected leader of the new party and resoundingly winning his seat in a Calgary by-election was further confirmation the UCP is on the right track.  Barnes says the other story of the year for him is the Hilda/Schuler wildfires.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Drew Barnes

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