City Staff To Look At River Ridge Sewage Lift

Medicine Hat\'s mayor is reaching out to residents of River Ridge estates, hoping to find a compromise.

Medicine Hat's mayor is reaching out to residents of River Ridge Estates, hoping to find a compromise. The condo association made a plea Tuesday night in council chambers to have the City take over operation of a private sewage lift station and cover the cost of maintenance. Norm Boucher told the residents city staff will analyze the lift station situation and see what can and cannot be done. Boucher says a court order was made in 2009 that ownership of the station be transferred from the developer, Medican Construction, to the condo owners, so the City may not even be allowed to get involved because they weren't mentioned in the court documents. However Bob Stein, President of the Garden Homes Condo Association, says city staff has known about this problem for a long time and now it's time Aldermen stepped up to take command and not let the bureaucrats dictate what they do.

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