City Utility Division Set To Turn A Profit

Revised budget figures show more than $12 million in profit for the division in 2018

Medicine Hat City Council heard one of its division's is seeing a return to profitability.  At the Monday meeting, an update to the 2018 budget showed the Utilities Division posting an estimated $12 million surplus after better than anticipated numbers for things like electric generation were factored in.  Councillor Phil Turnbull says it's great news for keeping rates from skyrocketing for consumers.  Turnbull says, "I want us to make sure that we continue to hold our rates as tight as we can and perhaps even try to hold our electrical rates for our citizens a little bit lower than just market rate."  While utility bills will see an increase next year, that rate will drop about $3.00 per month from previous projections.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Phil Turnbull

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