Extreme Gusts Recorded With Southern Alberta Wind Storm; 141 km/h at Waterton Dam

Southern Alberta took the brunt of what turned out to be hurricane force one wind on Tuesday as an intense low pressure system moved into the region.

Some incredible wind reports coming out from across southern Alberta following Tuesday's power wind storm. The strongest wind gust was west of Lethbridge at the Waterton Dam, clocked at an amazing 141 km/h. Other places across the region reported extreme wind as well. Schuler, northeast of Medicine Hat saw wind gusting to 135 km/h, CFB Suffield 130 km/h, Acadia Valley and Seven Persons 126 km/h. Both Waterton Gate & in Lethbridge had wind clocked at 113 km/h. These are official from various weather recording stations. The extreme winds fanned the flames of several wildfires in the region, caused  numerous power outages, semis to flip on area highways and even some cars were blown into ditches. Just across the border in Saskatchewan, some powerful wind there too. Swift Current with gusts of 124 km/h and Regina 119 km/h. - Pat Siedlecki

Waterton Dam 141 km/h
Schuler 135 km/h
Seven Persons 126 km/h
Barnwell 124 km/h
Blood Reserve 111 km/h
Lethbridge 113 km/h
Claresholm 100 km/h
Del Bonita 115 km/h
Irvine 119 km/h
One Four 111 km/h
Medicine Hat 102 km/h
Patricia 133 km/h
Waterton Gate 113 km/h


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