UPDATE: Firefighters Battle Grass Fire Near Hilda

Image courtesy 511 Alberta

Strong winds are causing visibility issues from blowing smoke on Highway 41 causing officials to temporarily close that portion of the Highway.

UPDATE 3:13 pm

An Emergency Alert has now been issued as a Wildfire Advisory north of Hilda on Highway 41. The grass fire is on both sides of the highway, between Township Roads 180 and 190. The Fire is reported to be moving rapidly in a North East direction and area residents should be prepared to evacuate on short notice..   Officials have closed Highway 41 in the area due to safety concerns from blowing smoke that has reduced visibility in the area.  Fire Crews from across Cypress County are battling the fire along with help from additional departments in the area.  CJCY news will continue to bring you updates as they become.  ~~  Warren Affleck


A grass fire combined with the high winds in the Hilda area are causing headaches for firefighters and drivers alike.  The fire is said to be located between Hilda and Highway 545.  A twitter message from 511 Alberta says the smoke from the fire is impacting visibility on Highway 41 at this time and officials have closed the road due to safety concerns.  So far there is no word on the scope of the fire or if anyone has been injured.  ~~  Warren Affleck

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