Glen Motz Had Full First Full Year As MP

The Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner MP continued to learn his way around the political scene and received additional respinsibilities

Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner MP Glen Motz looked back on 2017 as a very busy year.  Motz says there were some challenges for him still learning his way around the political system in Ottawa and what it takes to be a good M.P. for the riding.  Motz says he and other M.P.'s started the year working hard for producers affected by the Bovine Tuberculosis Crisis.  Motz says, "We worked with CFIA, we worked with government and Canada Agriculture to ensure that the issues these guys were facing was looked after properly.  CFIA didn't get out of the get very strong on it."  Motz says being named deputy shadow minister for public safety has been a lot of extra work but has been also something he's been very interested in pursuing.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Glen Motz

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