Hatter Becomes Organ Donor To Honor Humboldt Broncos

Bianca Milke was inspired by the selfless act of Bronco player Logan Boulet, who signed his organ donor cards just a few weeks ago.

From making cash donations to leaving hockey sticks on the front porch, Hatter`s are finding ways to honor the Humboldt Broncos.  One Medicine Hat resident was inspired by Logan Boulet, who had signed an organ donor card just weeks before losing his life.  Bianca Milke felt the best way for her to honor Boulet and the team, was to become an organ donor herself.  Milke says, "I was mostly inspired by the young player, Logan, who just weeks before passing away, he registered to be an organ donor.  So, knowing his selfless act brought hope and life back to so many people was really inspiring."  Milke says it only took her a few minutes to sign up online and is encouraging others to become organ donors as another way to honor the Humboldt Broncos  ~~  Warren Affleck


Bianca Milke

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