Mayor, Councillors Sworn In To Begin Term

Members of Medicine Hat City Council took their oaths of offices at a special meeting.

It was an evening of pomp and ceremony for Medicine Hat City Council.  The Mayor and councillors were lead into council chambers by a color guard before taking the oath of office.  For new councillor Kris Samraj, it's all about representing Medicine Hat residents.  Samraj says, "I think the biggest thing is to ask the right questions at the right time and to make sure I'm a proper liaison between the community and City Hall here."  Samraj adds he's resigned his position at the Public Library so he can focus on city business going forward.  Meanwhile, Phil Turnbull is returning to council chambers after a 4 year absence and says he plans to keep very busy.  Turnbull says in addition to his assigned boards and committee's, he'll be at other meetings too.  Turnbull says. "I'm going to sit and go to every single committee meeting.  I don't have a vote, but I can ask questions and educate myself on all those matters, from Public Services to Corporate Services right through D and I (Development and Infrastructure)."   Turnbull will chair the Energy and Utilities committee as well as sitting on the Audit Committee and various boards.  Medicine Hat City Council will meet for their first regular meeting on Monday, November 6.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Kris Samraj

Phil Turnbull

New Councillor Kris Samraj takes the oath of office


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