Mayor Delivers 5th State Of The City Address

Mayor Ted Clugston spoke to a packed banquet room at the Medicine Hat Lodge and hinted at good things to come.

Good things could be on the way for the City of Medicine Hat according to Mayor Ted Clugston.  Clugston delivered his annual state of the city address Tuesday, and after touching on some highlights last year, told the crowd a number of non-disclosure agreements have been signed on possible future investment by outside companies.  Clugston says the potential for investment could bring new jobs to the city.  Clugston says, "So, I can't say absolutely anything about what they are because they are traded publicly on the stock market.  The smallest one is in the $50 million and the biggest is in the $200 million, and then more as well.  Basically, you can equate a million to a job.  A million capital investment to a job.  So if you hear about a $200 million investment, that's maybe 200 to 300 jobs."  Clugston says a number of announcements could be made within the first half of this year.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Mayor Ted Clugston



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