Medicine Hat Man Charged With Extortion

55 year old Robert Hoefman was arrested and charged after a nearly month long investigation.

Medicine Hat Police have arrested a man they say was involved in an extortion case involving severe threats of violence.  55 year old Robert Hoefman was arrested on Wednesday following nearly a month long investigation.  Inspector Brent Secondiak says Hoefman is considered a person of interest in the murder of James Satre.  Secondiak says, "That's still something we're looking at as the investigation in the next few weeks and possibly months.  I can tell you this case was extremely serious.  Threats of violence and it's one of the most violent ones I personally that I have personally ever seen."  Hoefman made a brief appearance in Medicine Hat court Thursday (Nov. 9) afternoon and was ordered to undergo a fitness evaluation.  His next court date has been scheduled for November 21.  ~~  Warren Affleck

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