Medicine Hat Mayor Looks Back On 2017

Mayor Ted Clugston says there were a lot of positives for the City this year.

There was a lot happening for the City of Medicine Hat over the last year.  Mayor Ted Clugston points to things like the new electric generation station, starting the rebuild on the Veiner Centre and more as positive progress for the city.  Clugston says one of the biggest stories of the year had to be WestJet announcing Medicine Hat as a new point of service in 2018.  Clugston says, "WestJet was a fantastic announcement that was probably 10 years in the making around here.  A lot of people worked really hard between my staff, between previous city councils, the Chamber of Commerce and other city partners.  So that was a real win."  Clugston says 2018 and forward won't be marked by a lot of capital projects as the city considers budget cutbacks to keep the finances in line with the economy.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Ted Clugston

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