Metis Scholar Award Announced At MHC

Metis Students will have more college opportunities at MHC with the creation of a new endowment fund

Metis students at Medicine Hat College are getting a financial helping hand thanks to a new endowment.

The RupertsLand Institute and Metis Nation of Alberta unveiled the funding Wednesday with a little surprise.

Audrey Poitras, President of the Metis Nation of Alberta, says a bit extra was added on to the original $100,000
endowment, "It's a great day and we found a few extra bucks and we said for us, we'll put in, it was supposed to be a 70/30, and we found and extra $30,000, so we put in the extra and that brought us to the $130,000."

Interest from the endowment will got assist about 10 Metis students every ear at Medicine Hat College.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Audrey Poitras

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