MHPS Policy Says No To Cannabis Use

Chief Andy McGrogan says the policy will affect most employees of the service

The Medicine Hat Police Service unveiled a policy today on cannabis use by employees.

Like other Alberta forces, Medicine Hat Police are being told to refrain from cannabis use, especially if they wear a firearm.

Chief Andy McGrogan says while some staff will be exempted from the policy, positions deemed sensitive will have to follow it.

McGrogan says, We're going through that list now.  Trying to determine of our members and staff, that are not basically wearing a firearm, where they fit.  For the most cases, most positions will be deemed safety sensitive.  We're going through the list now and I haven't seen the final list, but I know some positions will be exempt."

McGrogan said the policy is a result of consultations with the Police Association and is being supported by his officers.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Chief Andy McGrogan

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