Proposed Changes To Provincial Electoral Boundaries

The final report from the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission has been delivered to Speaker Bob Wanner

The final Alberta Electoral Boundary Commission Report has been submitted and it is recommending changes to both provincial ridings in our area.  Under the proposal the Medicine Hat riding would have a bit less of the city, but would be expanded to include Redcliff. the County of Newell, City of Brooks and the Town of Basanno, and further north of the city itself.  The current Cypress-Medicine Hat riding would include more of the city, but the western rural boundary would at Range Road 81 and 82 between Seven Persons and Bow Island.  An interim report released earlier this year had indicated a possible third riding for the area, however the final report states that wasn't feasible.  The final report is now in the hands of Speaker Bob Wanner.  ~~  Warren Affleck


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