Regional Election Candidates In

Looking around the region at this year\'s candidates for the civic election, there won\'t be a race to the mayor\'s chair in Redcliff.

Looking around the region at this year's candidates for the civic election, there won't be a race to the mayor's chair in Redcliff. The position was acclaimed, as incumbent Rob Hazelaar was the only one to step forward. Redcliff also has five nominees for town council, and two fresh candidates. In Bow Island, two people are vying for mayor, and seven for council. And in the city of Brooks, two names are down for mayor, and 14 for council. Complete list can be found below.


Mayor: Rob Hazelaar (acclaimed)

Council: Cherie Brown (incumbent), Jim Steinke (incumbent),  Eric Solberg (incumbent), Dawn Nunweiler (incumbent), Dwight Kirkpatrick (incumbent), Kathrine-Anne Crozier, Ernie Reimer


Mayor: Martin Shields (incumbent), Patrick Ketchmark

Council: Rolf Bander (incumbent), Keith Boquist, Inge Ellefson, Norman Gerestein (incumbent), Clayton Johnson (incumbent), Jay Johnson, Ahmed Kassem, Michael Mayen, Barry Morishita, Noel Moriyama (incumbent), Steve Norris, Bill Prentice (incumbent), Kimberley Sharkey (incumbent), Ron Yewchuk


Mayor: Gordon Reynolds, John Gouw

Council: Vern Beck (incumbent), John Brocklesby (incumbent), Alan Hyland, Dennis Knapik (incumbent), Nancy MacLean (incumbent), Majorie Moncrieff, Lyle Tuchscherer

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