Rumors Circulate On Highway 3 Twinning

There has been nothing official from the province, nevertheless, the rumors on a project are coming out.

The twinning of Highway 3 from Medicine Hat to the BC border has been called for by municipalities for years and there seems to be a few more rumors lately.  Medicine Hat Mayor Ted Clugston says there certainly isn't anything set in stone at this point but he's been hearing things, that if true, could mean the province is taking a more detailed look at the project.  Clugston says, "There is quite a bit of buzz about Highway 3 twinning.  I keep hearing conflicting reports they're going to start at the western end of Alberta.  But then I've also heard that this is the low hanging fruit, the cheaper area to build, so they may get some quick wins as well.  So we could see something."  Clugston reiterated that there is nothing official at this time, but he's been getting information that there could be some news on Highway 3 in the not too distant future.  ~~  


Mayor Ted Clugston

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