Speed Review Could See Action In 2018

Some city roads could see the speed limit adjusted by the end of the year.

Hatter's could start to see the results of a comprehensive road speed  review later this year.  Medicine Hat city council heard last night the process is not simply raising or lowering speeds, but it must take into account many things.  Councillor Robert Dumanowski says staff are looking at things like adjacent sidewalks, number of intersections and more, which is why South Boundary Road and Box Springs Road will be first to be reviewed.  Dumanowski says, "Those are areas that are kind of straightforward and present an opportunity for staff to review, so that is where the direction is going.  We're going to look at those major arterial roads and work our way into the smaller collector roads within the city center."  Results of the review along with staff recommendations will most likely come back to council before the end of the calendar year.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Robert Dumanowski

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