Unit 16 Electric Generation Facility Officially Opened

Unit 16 Electrical Generation Plant

The City of Medicine Hat unveiled the facility designed to serve the city and future industrial expansion in Box Springs.

Medicine Hat's newest electric generation facility is now online.  Unit 16 as it's being called, was officially opened Thursday, after having been completed on time and coming in $10 million dollars under budget.   Commissioner of the Utilities Division Cal Lenz says it's location in Box Springs is suited for further expansion.  Lenz says, "I think it's an ideal location and it's also ideally located up in the major heartland of industrial development.  So transmission runs are shorter and the generation supply can expand here".  Lenz added the facility is also located where it is due to concerns raised following the 2013 flood, keeping the new plant high and dry.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Cal Lenz

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