UPDATE: Possible Extortion File Has Implied Connections To Homicide

Chief Andy McGrogan briefs reporters at a press conference

Medicine Hat Police say they have received information causing them to investigate a potential link and threat to unknown citizens.

Medicine Hat Police say the murder of James Satre on October 11 "may" be linked to an extortion threat file on October 10.  Medicine Hat Police Chief Andy McGrogan says at this time that hasn't been confirmed, however recent information suggests there is a link and possible threat to unknown persons.  Mcgrogan says investigators can't release more information at this time but felt the public should know.  McGrogan says, "I can tell you that in previous homicides, as you know, we've reported to the community that you know what, you're not at risk, that it's drug related, it's lifestyle related.  We're not able to do that at this time.  That's the reason why we think it's imperative we communicate this to the community now."  McGrogan says additional resources from outside agencies are being brought to bear on the investigation of both files.  Mcgrogan did confirm Satre was not the subject of any investigation before his death and did not lead a high-risk lifestyle.  Police are reminding the public of the need to be aware of their surroundings and to be cautios when in secluded places or when walking alone.  ~~  Warren Affleck


Chief Andy McGrogan

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