Woman Charged With Leaving Her Dog In A Hot Car

Police and bylaw officers investigate a dog in distress complaint Thursday morning, July 5

The out-of-town woman has a date in Medicine Hat court to explain her actions to a judge.

A woman will have to explain to a judge why she left her dog unattended in a hot car in the city.  Medicine Hat Police and bylaw enforcement were called out this morning for a dog in distress in front of a business on Dunmore Rd.  Sgt. Paul Taylor says in addition to $250 bylaw fine, the woman was also charged under the Provincial Animal Protection Act.  Taylor says, "That's a mandatory court appearance.  That way it gives the judge or justice of the peace some options in regards to penalty.  My understanding is, they can impose a very significant fine upwards of thousands of dollars."  Police are reminding everyone not to leave pets or children unattended in vehicles as the temperature inside could become lethal in a very short time.  ~~  Warren Affleck


MHPS Sgt. Paul Taylor

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