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Secret Sound Guessing Start February 4, 2020:


Door Closing
Three Hole Punch
Paper Cutter
Ripping Paper Towel Off Roll
Bubble On “Trouble” Game
Closing A Door
Garden Shears
Closing Screen Door
Closing A Window
Closing Coleman Cooler
Briefcase Latch
Loading A Gun
Bubble On “Trouble” Game
Hole Punch
Chopping Veggies
Manuel Credit Card Machine
Staple Gun
Flicking A Lighter
Biting Into An Apple
Dropping A Book
Pushing Button On Cellphone
Paper Stapler
Pez Dispenser
Breaking A Stick
Fire In Fireplace
Pen Clicking
Seat Belt Clicking
Stapler Puller
Stacking Poker Chips
Sliding Glass Door
Closing A Gate
Record Needle Scratch
Striking A Match
Old Adding Machine
Crackin’ A Beer
Air Hose On Tire
Closing A Car Trunk
Opening A Ziploc Bag
Old Cigarette Machine
Briefcase Latch
Shoveling Snow
Paper Cutter
Remote Locking A Car Door
Shuffling Cards
Safety Chain On Door
Glove Box
Remote Locking A Car Door
Taking The Safety Of A Rifle
Cutting Celery
Bill Counting Machine
Camera Shutter
Shooting A Bow and Arrow
Paper Towel Dispenser
Folding Chair
Slap Chop
Pricing Gun
Interior Trunk Release On Vehicle
Closing Lid On Plastic File Box
Ticking Clock
Vise Grips
Old Adding Machine
Opening Magnetic Cupboard Doors
Clicking Of Pen
Briefcase Latch
Slamming A Book On Table
Gas Pump Nozzle
Crisper In Fridge
Closing A Freezer Door
Flipper On Pinball Machine
Opening Microwave Door
Throwing Necklace On Hard Surface
Dry Fire A Gun
Closing Truck Tailgate
Tuning A Radio
Old Cash Register
Automatic Door Lock On Car
Pricing Gun
Loading A DVD / VHS Machine
Mexican Jumping Beans
Cattle Tagging Gun
Thermostat Clicking On
Coin Operated Pool Table
Striking A Match
Club Hitting Golf Ball

$2,000 Mark

Gumball Machine
Cocking Of A Shotgun
Pulling A Wipe Out Of Container
Safety On A Gun
Loading A Staple Gun
Ignition On A BBQ
Closing A Binder
Buckle On Child Car Seat
Opening / Closing An Umbrella
Flipping Through A Book
Tying A Garbage Bag
Dropping A Coin Into A Machine
Nail Clippers
Weaving Loom
Grandfather Clock
Pulling Sword / Machete Out Of Sheath
Punching Time Clock
Opening Pringles
Shuffling Cards
Seat Belt Clicking

Hammer and Nail

Paint Roller

Machine That Shoots Clay Pigeons

Cutting A Head Of Lettuce

Chain On Ceiling Fan

Hole Punch

Button On Coffee Pot

Trailer Hitch Going Onto Ball