An Eagle Butte High School teacher stirred up social media yesterday with a post on wearing masks with controversial sayings in schools.

Scott Raible was roasted by many and toasted by others for his post.

Alberta Teachers Association president Jason Schilling spoke to Breakfast Television this morning on the issue

Schilling says, “We have a Code of Conduct that tells me that I would need to speak with this teacher first before I make comment on it publicly.  I just think it’s unfortunate that in society, masks have become polarizing, politicized.  It’s a measure for us to ensure safety for students and teachers in the classroom.”

Raible has since deleted his Twitter account containing the controversial post, a screen shot of which can be seen below.

Prairie Rose School Division Tuesday said they are aware of the tweet, but they declined to comment publicly at this time.  (with files from Breakfast Television and 660News)


ATA President Jason Schilling


Screenshot of now deleted Twitter post