There are so many ways to stay connected to 102.1 CJCY during this weird time, and we’re here to help make it just a little bit weirder.



We are your Self-Isolation Radio Station.  Just turn your radio to 102.1 CJCY.


Google Smart Speaker

Going hands-free means one less time you have to touch something…which means one less time you have to wash your hands.  So, put your dry, cracked witch hands in a bucket full of vaseline and just say, “Okay, Google, play 102.1 CJCY.”


Amazon Smart Speaker

Take a break from ordering toilet paper from Amazon and instead order your Amazon Smart Speaker to play CJCY.  Just say, “Alexa, play 102.1 CJCY.”



Ya, you’re not going all over town right now, but sometimes you need to escape roommates or family members.  Luckily, if you have a phone, you also have a personal radio.  You can listen to CJCY with the Radioplayer Canada App.


Social Media

If you want to creep our social media profiles, just look for @cjcyfm on facebook, twitter and instagram, we might even creep you back.