A man is looking at several impaired driving related charges after a wild ride through the city. Medicine Hat Police say it started early Saturday morning when they got reports of a hit and run in a fast food drive-thru on Redcliff Drive S.W. Not long after that, officer were called to 1000 block of Bullivant Crescent S.W. where the same vehicle hit a house. Police say the driver went into that home and wanted money from the people inside. The suspect then got the vehicle heading east on the Trans-Canada Highway, but veered off the road at the 13th Avenue intersection and hit a lamp standard. He then ran to a nearby hotel where he was staying. Police eventually were able to get inside the room and arrest him.

A MHPS release stated the suspect was in police custody and being tested for blood alcohol levels. The possible charges that could result are:

-Impaired hit and run x 3
-Over .08
-Dangerous Operation of a motor vehicle
-unlawfully in a dwelling

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